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Through our various evidence-based curriculums, we not only equip participating teens with knowledge about making the right personal choices at the right time and for the right reasons but there is so much more to be gained.  They learn personal responsibility, negotiating skills for getting out of those uncomfortable and inappropriate situations, setting appropriate boundaries, recognizing unhealthy relationships, and career exploration.  All young people 13-19 are welcome to participate.  Contact us for more information.
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What is Sexual Risk-Avoidance Education?
Excerpts from the article Sexual Risk-Avoidance Education by Arina Grossu and Peter Sprigg Director, Center for Human Dignity 

Sexual Risk-Avoidance (SRA) education is an approach to sex education that focuses on risk-avoidance instead of Sexual Risk-Reduction (SRR) or "comprehensive sex education" when it comes to sexual activity. The term "Sexual Risk-Avoidance" is now used more commonly than the older term "abstinence." It communicates how this approach mirrors other public health models designed to encourage avoidance instead of reduction of risky behavior, such as underage drinking or the use of illegal drugs. SRA education teaches that avoiding sexual activity before marriage is the surest way to avoid its risks. It also encourages youth to pursue good decision-making skills.

Does Sexual Risk-Avoidance Education Work?
SRA education reduces teen sexual activity by approximately 50%.[19] SRA education decreases sexual initiation, increases abstinent behavior among sexually experienced teens, and/or decreases the number of partners among sexually experienced teens.
A 2010 study demonstrated that SRA education intervention among sixth and seventh graders was by far the most effective type of sex education in reducing sexual initiation among young teens, had no deterrence on the use of condoms, and reduced numbers of sexual partners in contrast to other sex-ed interventions in the same study...




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We are living in challenging times. Against this backdrop, our young people are trying to discover who they are and how they fit into this fast-paced society.  Unfortunately, they are also being exposed to increasing pressures (from various sources) to become sexually active at an early age.  In addition to these pressures, some of our youth are preyed upon and have their innocence taken against their will.  We believe that normalizing sexual activity among our youth is not conducive to productive and successful educational or economic futures.  However, we also recognize that for many young people, early sexual initiation has become a sobering truth in their lives.  GrantWest Enterprises, Inc. provides evidence-based interventions that assist young people between the ages of 10-24 in navigating these challenges while providing a non-judgmental approach that embraces them at whatever point they are in their lives. We provide tools to assist them in making responsible decisions and experiencing successful futures.   Our vision is to assist people of all ages in ways that help them enjoy an enriched life.  
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